Buyer of 31711 W. Bird St., Carnation, WA

“Hi Gil,
I bought the 31711 W Bird house. First off.. thank you for building such a beautiful home! I absolutely LOVE it! The quality is unparalleled and the finish and upgrade choices you made are beautiful. I’m one happy customer…

Lastly I see your other homes on the block are going up fast. If you need a reference for your other homes I’d be happy to sing your praises. The deal was smooth and the house is amazing!”


Eagle Home Inspections, 318510 W. Commercial St., Carnation, WA

“During the inspection, it became apparent (with a few exceptions) that the Builder took the time and care to adhere to good building practices and to build this home to a higher than usual quality standard.

This is evident in the high number of components and systems which display above average quality of workmanship and/or materials.

Since the Client is a first-time home buyer, this is a good house for her. If properly maintained, this home should provide many years of trouble-free, safe, and comfortable service.”


Marty & Jennifer Kline – Carnation, WA

“We are very satisfied with the build and construction. People love the colors and the way it looks. We receive alot of commpliments from the front of the house about paint colors. I would recommend Gil just based on his work ethic, his carpentry abilities and trust him explicitly.”


Dave & Wanda Hutson – Spokane, WA

“Pioneer Homes did an excellent job on our remodel. Gil was very fast, did everything correct, and was neat as a pin. We are very satisfied and would recommend him to anybody.”



Brad & Ann Knotts – Spokane, WA

“Very good, excellent – Gil is very respectful and responsive. I will build another house with him. Did a fantastic job of construction and is one of the better built homes on the hill where we live. It has a fabulous view and we love the house.”

Suzan Haire – Carnation, WA

“I love my house. I also really appreciate the builder, Gil. It is one thing to buy a house, but will someone really follow up afterward? He really followed up on things to make sure I was cared for. I felt he went above and beyond what was necessary. I would recommend Gil to anyone.”